Water massage for the legs

When you finally find the time to relax at home at the end of a long day – whether at work, looking after the kids or running round doing lots of essential activities, one of life’s great pleasures is to relax in a lovely warm bath or take an invigorating shower to be set up for the evening.

Why not combine either of these with some simple self-massaging techniques as you soap off all the stresses and strains of everyday living?

In the Bath

Gently massage your calf muscles at the back of your legs, working your index and middle fingers as well as your thumbs from left to right and then right to left. Using the palm of your hands, push down on the front of your calves and thighs to relieve any pressure which has built up during the course of the day. Repeat this routine 5 times and prepare for a great evening!

In the Shower

Get your general circulation and the flexibility in your legs going with a mix of hot and cold bursts of water as you take your shower. Ensure the water power is on full strength to give the maximum effect. Wash yourself while the water is hot and finish off with a spine-tingling but revitalizing big spray of invigorating cold water. You’ll feel the benefits immediately!

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