Leg Exercises: Introduction to Leg Gymnastics

Semi Squat

Stand up, keep the body straight and feet hip-width apart. Slowly lower the body by bending the knees. Maintain a straight back and lower the body as if sitting on a chair. Do not bend the knees too much. Gradually extend the legs to return to the start position. Repeat this 10-20 times.

Calf Raises

In a standing position, keeping the body straight. Keep your hands at your side and feet five inches apart for balance. Slowly rise up on the balls of your feet and lower again. Try 10-20 of these.

Marching on the Spot

From a standing position, raise one leg up until the upper thigh becomes parallel to the ground. Lower to floor and raise the other leg up. Continue as if marching on the spot. Aim for 15-20 marches each leg.

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