Introduction to sitting leg exercises

Foot & Ankle Rotation

Sitting in your chair, cross right leg over left knee. Rotate right foot slowly, making large complete circles. Perform 10-15 rotations. Now cross left leg over right knee and repeat.

Ankle Eversion & Inversion

Sit comfortably in a chair and extend legs forwards. Evert your ankles, so that your heels are touching, straighten your feet out as far as you can (if possible so that your toes are in line with your heels). Hold for 2-3 seconds. Now invert ankles, by turning the soles outwards and away from each other and the toes inwards as far as comfortable and hold for a few seconds. Perform 5 times in each direction.

Ankle Flexion & Extension

Sit back in the chair with legs extended, flex foot and toes towards the body. Now point the foot and toes away from body. Perform 10-15 flexions and extensions with each foot.


(one to do at home – or when no one is looking!) Sitting near the front of the chair, grasp side of chair for support. Raise both knees toward chest and make pedalling movements, as if bicycling. Try 10-15 pedals forward and 10-15 backward.

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