Good posture for healthy legs

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The way that you sit and your general posture during the day can affect how your legs feel and can make aching, heavy and tired leg feelings worse.

If you have to sit or stand for long periods, remember to keep moving your legs and changing your position. Stretch your legs, ankles and feet at regular intervals. Also, try to keep your shoulders back, chest up and stomach pulled in. It’s hard to be perfect all of the time, so maybe you can devise your own ‘reminder’ to prompt you to do this, say a picture or a key word which works for you, at work or at home.

Crossing your legs can restrict blood flow to and from the legs, and can increase pressure in your leg veins. But we all do it! Try and make a conscious effort not to cross them, or at least not for a long period of time – placing a magazine or book on your lap may make it easier to remember.

Shedding a few pounds

Beeing overweight often makes leg problems worse. Losing a few pounds will therefore not only help you feel more confident, it will also help your legs feel lighter, and it will be very beneficial for your coronary system.

Try not to fall into the 'crash diet' trap. Changing your eating habits for the long term is the only way of keeping those extra pounds off your hips. Skipping meals will only lead to overeating later on, which is likely to make your problem worse. Try to increase the amount of fruit and vegetables consumed while controlling intake of fat. Make a plan for your meals of the day in the morning, and then note down everything you eat, including the fat or calories - you'll be surprised how much food unconsciously passes your lips in the course of a day! If you find it hard to stick to your plan, buddy up with a friend and share your commi®ents - it will be easier to stay motivated this way.

Make that muscle pump work

Did you know that your leg muscles are almost as important in maintaining healthy blood flow as your heart? There are easy ways getting exercise for you legs, even if you don't have time to go down the gym. A few little changes to your life may have a big impact. Why don't you avoid taking the elevator and use the stairs instead when you get to the office tomorrow morning? Or you could park your car a few hundred metres away from your house tonight, and go for a brisk little walk around the neighbourhood. You may even keep a pair of comfy sneakers in your car for this purpose. Using your bicycle as a means of transportation is not only a pleasant way of getting some exercise, it will also benefit your wallet by keeping those fuel bills down.

Flee from the heat

Try to stay away from sources of intense heat, like radiators, fireplaces and saunas, even in winter time. They will make your legs feel more heavy and tired. Try putting on a wooly jumper instead - it is better for your legs while keeping you warm, and take some money off your electricity bill!

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