How Does Antistax® Work?

Antistax® Tablets offer effective relief by improving the blood flow in your lower legs. It will help reduce swelling noticeably, so you can enjoy the things you love to do.

For optimal results, take one or two tablets a day for a minimum of 6 weeks.



Blood pooling causes swelling

Pooling of blood in the lower legs can cause swelling

Antistax red vine leaf extract improves blood flow

Antistax red vine leaf extract helps improve blood flow in the lower legs

Antistax relieves swollen tired heavy aching legs

To help relieve swollen, tired, heavy, aching legs

Antistax®'s Unique Extract - Red Vine Leaf

Researchers discovered that French farmers were making infusions from vine leaves to treat their heavy, swollen and painful legs. Therefore, pharmacologists analyzed the active ingredients of the Red Vine Leaf and developed it into an effective extract to treat symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI).

Antistax® contains the naturally derived Red Vine Leaf Extract, which, when used in herbal medicine, has been shown to:

  • improve lower leg blood flow
  • reduce swelling (lower leg edema)
  • relieve the feeling of pain, heaviness and tiredness
  • help provide symptomatic relief of CVI